Group chronicle

1971 • Founding of JAKOB GmbH

1973 • Production of resolver feedback units and simple bellow couplings with keyways.

1974 • Development and patenting of the KSS coupling.
The principle of a frictional connection was used world-wide for the first time. Even today this
principle is widely used for reliable and long lasting connections.

1975 • Started its own assembly and quality assurance.

1977 • Development of the first safety coupling, which compensates shaft misalignements (Type SKA).
Presentation of the SKA safety coupling at the EMO 77 in Hannover with great success.

1977 • Moved to the new plant at Dieselstrasse 8.

1979 • Started a development department for opto-electronic components.

1982 • Presentation of the portable opto-electronic hand wheels.

1983 • Moved to the new administration building at Dieselstrasse 8.

1988 • Acquisition of a controlling interest in Optima Spanntechnik GmbG, Scheuerfeld.

1989 • Move of the production to the new and substantially larger plant at Daimler Ring 42.

1993 • Acquisition of OTT Maschinentechnik GmbH, Lengenwang.

1995 • Acquisition of GPA Pressenautomation GmbH, Karlsruhe.

1995 • Founding of JAKOB Vakuumtechnik.

1998 • Acquisition of IPT Ionen- und Plasmatechnik, Kaiserslautern.

1999 • Move of JAKOB Antriebstechnik, JAKOB Vakuumtechnik, IPT Ionen und Plasmatechnik, and
ENEMAC to the new administration building at Daimler Ring 42, Kleinwallstadt.

2001 • Acquisition of ALLMATIC Spannsysteme, Kempten.

2005 • Move of ALLMATIC-Jakob to the new property in Unterthingau.

2005 • Opening of OTT-Jakob’s new administrative building in Lengenwang.

2006 • Acquisition of Trenkle und Schneider, Pfronten.

2010 • New building T+S Jakob factory 2 in Unterthingau

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